Web Designer,Apps Developer ,MEAN Stack:,NodeJS,ExpressJS,MongoDB,EJS,HTML5,jQuery,Materializecss,Bootstrap,CSS3,SASS,SCSS,ES6 & ES5,CORDOVAJS,APACHE-PHONEGAP,REACT-NATIVE ,WordPress CMS ...

A little about me

I`m Douglas (popularly known as Daggie Blanqx) , a full-stack web and app developer with a passion for code . Currently I am passionate about JavaScript and most of skills lean on NodeJS and the MEAN-stack . My github account is @DaggieBlanqx When I am not coding , I love cycling .

My skills are as follows :

Languages :

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • ES5(Vanilla JS 2015)
  • ES6(Vanilla JS 2017)
  • NodeJS(Server-side JS)
  • PHP


  • MySQL
  • MongoDB


  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Materializecss
  • Google Material Design Lite
  • ExpressJS
  • Embedded JS

Mobile App Development

  • CordovaJS & Phonegap
  • React-Native

API & Data Representation

  • JSON
  • REST-ful APIs
  • JWT authentication


  • Photoshop
  • Heroku
  • Github
  • WordPress

I do amazing things for clients

Front-End Design

Front-End development demands great skills in photoshop , HTML5 , CSS3 , SASS/SCSS and JavaScript ,besides that skills in front-end frameworks come in handy to ensure projects are through in time : Bootstrap, Google Material-Design-Lite , Materializecss , jQuery , EJS and React

Back-End Development

Its 2018 , where every application and website requires api integration (to/fro or to & fro ).With the rise of APIs there is need for devs to use server-side lankguages that are asynchronous & non-blocking ,that`s where NodeJS(my fav server-side language) comes into play . NodeJS is asynchronous , non-blocking & event-driven thus making it best for API handling - in addition lots of supporting API libraries eg socket.io(RealTime client-server interaction) , ExpressJS(MVC framework) , EJS(Templating), Moongoose(MongoDB Database driver) .NodeJS support for JSON places it ahead of other server=side languages .Besides NodeJS , I am skilled in PHP (my first server-side)


With robust applications being built everyday : It is vital to have productivity kits.I have my productivity kit , its comprised: SublimeText and Atom editor , GitHub versioning System , Heroku Platform-As-A-Service hosting ,M-Lab - MongoDB service ,Browser-sync live-reload tool for webdevelopment , Chrome DevTools for debugging web and cordova apps, WordPress CMS .

High quality webdesign

A successful website is a driving force behind increasing sales and your company's ROI. One component of a successful website is the way it looks. For many businesses, they desire a high end aand high quality web design that will not only attract customers, but guide them through the sales process effortlessly - and that is what I am good at.

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Mobile Apps Development

As a designer and developer, I understand the perfect user interface should look good and work even better. Alongside my clients, I uncover problems and solve them. In short, I create bolder online experiences.

The most important things are not things - so we’ll design experiences.
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MERN Stack Developer

Today`s world demands seamless communication between apps , websites , IOTs , smart devices , robotics , etcetera ... Right at the core of all this is APIs ; REST-ful APIs . Your next project requires intense development that considers this high-level integration - that`s where I come in . I am a MERN-stack developer (MongoDB * ExpressJS * React * Nodejs) --- these four technologies are being used by big coorps in the world (Amazon, Google,Alibaba, Tesla , Paypal ,Microsoft ,FaceBook ,Instagram ...etcetera )

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Recent Projects

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Thoughts and Beliefs

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    On Look & Feel

    The human mind tends to marvel at things uncommon , and irregular but smooth patterns trigger excitement.This is one of the things I strive to achieve when I am designing a product

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    On AI (Artificial Intelligence)

    This was the technology anticipated ages ago , where computers learn human behaviour and start automating tasks that human error is prone to, its a great future and AI & machine-learning will be as important in the future as fire is now .

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    On Device integration

    Since the ancient story of the tower of babel , man has strived to get connected regardless of the language(human lang) , same is now happening to devices.Devices wanna communicate regardless of the programming language , the answer to it is APIs.

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    Creative Minds

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc ultricies nulla non metus pulvinar imperdiet. Praesent non adipiscing libero.

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    On Future of Programming

    The future of programming is JavaScript , this language has conquered the web and now has grown to developing apps for Mobile, Drones , TVs , Refrigerators etc, with the advent of NodeJS and ES6 - this language to program all platforms was born .

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    On a solution to all problems

    Love God and love people passionately - love sees correction instead of punishment , love sees hope instead of dismissal , love sees collaboration instead of competition ....Love God , love `em people with passion

What our clients said
  • I recommend that you hire Daggie Blanqx in your dev team. I went into this process with only the vaguest idea of what I wanted and Daggie Blanqx knew the right questions to pose about my business , my goals, my personality in order to help me help him create a website that I sometimes can`t believe is mine.
    - Pete Rock, A New Tomorrow

  • Why do I recommend Daggie Blanqx ; First , he knows what the client wants - from optimization to performance to tweaks and look & feel.4 Secondly, he has a pocket-friendly pricing plan where he customizes the pricing so the client can get the best value for his/her money . He has divided the pricing plan in several packages which have varying specs like web-hosting, domain-setup, api-set-up, maintenance , crossplatform-integration etcetera
    - Michael Snowden, Creativeland CEO

  • Daggie Blanqx is a great web designer , and a great app developer . He did for me an awesome website T & G .
    - Grace Titus, T&G International

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